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Scientists and Engineers teamwork tweak patented methodology for mitigation of destructive effects of tsunami tidal forces


Russian scientists and inventers have teamed up with American engineers and designers in the application of updated patents on the dissemination, redirection, and mitigation of the destructive effects of tsunami tidal forces.  This cooperation is a result of increased global awareness of the vulnerability of densely populated urban coastal developments, ports, and other highly critical infrastructure installments such as nuclear power facilities and armed forces bases—globally.


The cooperation follows the uncanny timing of further developments with Russian Federation patents (for worldwide patenting) last year concerning the redirection of the hydraulic forces to mitigate the effects of the ensuing tidal waves by reversing the hydraulic dynamics of the energy itself.  Inventor Marsel Yanovich Bikbay, and others carried out this research in the months prior to the Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima disastrous tsunami on the eastern coastline of Japan, 11 March 2011. 


The teamwork since the Japanese tsunami involves inventor Bikbay, working with patent attorneys in Russia and the United States, along with members of Engineers Without Borders (www.EWB-USA.org) located in the United States.  Bikbay explains that the application of the in-shore devices for absorbing of energy by first redirecting the hydraulic forces upon themselves requires no new technology with regard to construction and installation of the devices:  All of the applied engineering currently exists within the civil construction and precast/prestressed concrete sectors.  This is why we feel that applying this patented technology requires professionals who are well adept at the economical manufacture of elemental concrete, and its practical applications”.  It is noted that Bikbay is a well-respected scientist specializing in Nano-cement technologies.


Heading up the practical application of the patent is Robert Ober & Associates, of San Antonio, Texas.  The company specializes in high-performance concrete production systems applied sciences and engineering, with many of the associates Engineers Without Boarders volunteer members.  Dr. Jerrolynn Kawamoto, of Robert Ober & Associates, will manage the efforts for the firm in the USA.  Our goal is to see that everything possible that can be done to avert the massively destructive forces of tsunami is developed to the point of actual civil undertakings in those areas globally, which can benefit.  If we can assist in applying existing technology and developing refined technologies to this end—we are going to do so.” reports Robert Ober, CEO of the firm.

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